Yana K.

I have been taking Argentine Tango lessons there for over a year. Absolutely love it! There are always two instructors in the class. They are very professional and highly skilled. The atmosphere is very relaxing and friendly. This is a great place to learn dancing and meet people of all ages (20-80!)

Aug 4, 2023
Monica S.

I am glad I started tango at Tango Esta Noche. Roger and Claire offer you thorough tango instruction. Their approach will help you develop healthy tango dancing habits and your technique will improve with each class. Roger and Claire are friendly and always have time for questions (both during classes and practicas) and they will make a point of dancing with the students to diagnose any problem and help the students progress faster. They also organize a weekly practica and one or two milongas every month. Attend these events and you will be able to meet more experienced students who will make a point of dancing with you. Roger and Claire managed to create a beautiful learning environment and their students are happy to help them in this pursuit.

Aug 4, 2023
Ed C.

I have danced Latin, ballroom, tango etc. for 10 years. Roger and Claire are exquisite teachers of Argentine tango. They are adept at dissecting, diagnosing and correcting the fine points that make the dancer into a skilled vs. ordinary tango dancer. I will also agree with the other reviewers about their help, patience and learning friendly ambience which they create.

Aug 4, 2023