Tango originated in 19th century Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay. It represented the cultural mix of European immigrants and Africans and primarily the working and lower classes. It quickly rose in popularity amongst all classes and expanded out of South America, becoming commonplace in Europe, North America and the rest of the world. With its rich history, numerous types and styles, and incredible appeal, Argentine tango is one of the most popular dances in the entire world.

The two major differences are the way the dances look and the music to which they are danced. Although Argentine tango has basic steps, it is a totally improvisational social dance. Ballroom tango follows a set pattern and rhythm. The physical connection of the partners is another difference. Ballroom Tango emphasizes center and upper body movement whereas Argentine Tango emphasizes the movement of the waist and lower body.

Yes, there are three basic types: Canyengue, Milonguero and Salon. Canyengue us one of the oldest forms of Argentine Tango and contains all the fundamental elements of Argentine tango. It’s characterized by a close body embrace between the partners. Milonguero is a dance style that is characterized by small movements and a closed embrace. Salon is a highly improvised style of dancing—personal, impulsive, and full of variations from arm placement to face alignment and embellishment.

The basis of our teaching style is Salon, although we occasionally incorporate elements of Milonguero and Canyengue.

You don't need a partner, but if you have someone who would like to join you, bring him/her and enjoy learning together or come on your own and make new friends.

Wear casual, comfortable clothing and leather soled shoes. Dance socks covering non-leather soles will also work. Slides, clogs and platform shoes make for an additional challenge, so please avoid these.

A Practica is an opportunity to practice Argentine Tango with experienced teachers available to provide valuable input in a welcoming environment. It's a great opportunity to refine your skills and practice what you've learned in class.

A Milonga is an Argentine tango party filled with dance, socializing, and making new friends. Tango Esta Noche creates a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for singles or couples of all ages.

It's both!